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Restaurant Menu Script

The Ultimate Restaurant Menu Script

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The perfect solution to managing your restaurant menu online! Download Now

No need to look any further, you have found the ultimate PHP Restaurant Menu Script Pro and PHP Restaurant Directory Pro Script. So how will they make my life easier? Read through the slider below or take the demo for a spin!

PHP Restaurant Menu Pro

Cleaning Up Online Restaurant Menus, One Website at a Time!

Joomla Plugin

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  • What is PHP Restaurant Menu Script Pro

    This is the continuing development of the extremely popular PHP Restaurant Menu Script that was previously found here. This script is ideal if you are a restaurant owner or developer of a site for a restaurant owner who would like to have the ability to easily and quickly update your restaurant menu online. Are you tired of scanned copies of your menu that never seem to look good? Then you have come to the right place!

    PHP Restaurant Menu Pro Overview
  • Why Choose PHP Restaurant Menu Pro, I Mean Who the Heck Are You?

    Great question, we're glad you asked, we're actually pretty modest, but maybe we should brag here a little. This script has been in active development for over 5 years. We have received 1000's of email from users just like you with feature requests and have implemented most of them and then some! Further more our parent company is a professional web development and programming company based outside of Chicago, IL and we have worked with restaurant owners for over 8 years giving us a unique perspective on what demanding restaurant owners want in their websites.
  • I'm Not a Programmer, I'll Never Figure Out How to Install This!

    Thats the beauty behind this restaurant menu script! The Programming has been done for you and requires no knowledge of programming to install or use. By following the step by step instructions [ PRO ] [ DIRECTORY ] you can have either of these scripts up and running withinin your design in under 5 minutes. Wait a minute you don't have time to read or mess with it, thats OK too, let a PHP Geek install it for you.
    Professional Installation
  • We Think This Script is Amazing, But Don't Take our Word For It!

    TestimonialsSeriously, see what the buzz is all about by reading some of the tesimonials submitted by people just like you!

    PHP Restaurant Menu Pro Testimonials
  • OK, I Love the Script and I am Going to Spend my $39.95 with you, but...

    What if it's up and running and a problem comes up, or worse yet, we find a bug? Well we will first probably scream like school girls, j/k. Actually you can call us the exterminator, we love it when our users find bugs, it rarely happens! That means your really using the system to its full potential. We will work directly with you, one on one, to debug, isolate, fix it and fully resolve the issue. Then we will update the entire download package with the fix intact and owe you a HUGE thank you for bringing it to our attention.
  • Joomla! Restaurant Menu Script Pro Integration.

    Joomla PluginJoomla! the world's most popular content management system (CMS) is now even better that it has been paired with the world's best restaurant menu script. We owe a huge thank you to Sebu of aquatroninc.com as we worked on it together for Man'oushťe Mediterranean Bakery. Check out the Joomla restaurant menu plugin guide below.

    View the Joomla Restaurant Menu Script Integration Guide
  • PHP Restaurant Menu Script Directory Pro

    PHP Restaurant Menu Directory PRO is being developed for the entrepreneur who wants to manage a restaurant listing service. This Enterprise class software is based on the administrative section of the pro version, but has too many features to list here. We recommend reading the full product overview for a complete breakdown of the features offered.

    PHP Restaurant Menu Script Directory Pro Overview
  • AJAX isn't that a Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning Solvent?

    Programmed with AJAXYou wouldn't be wrong if you thought so, but we're using it to clean up the web and make it more interactive! AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) Definition: Using an enhancement in JavaScript that allows Web pages to be more interactive and behave like local applications, which are also known as "rich client" applications. AJAX allows the Web page to retrieve small amounts of data from the server without reloading the entire page. Source: PCmag.com
  • Nationwide Menu Listing Site

    We're currently seeking partners for the purpose of starting a nationwide restaurant listing site. This is a hosted solution that allows you to own as many zip codes as you would like and selling / providing premium and free listings to that area. You will have total control over your area(s) and will have all the same features as PHP Restaurant Menu Pro.

    Nationwide Menu Listing Site Overview
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