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Compare PHP Restaurant Menu Scripts

OK, I like what I am seeing, now break it down for me what are the differences between the tow PHP Restaurant Menu Scripts

Perfect for a single restaurant owner to keep there all of their menu(s) up to date online
Perfect for a restaurant directory or listing service or for those with multiple locations
Requires ABSOLUTELY NO programming knowledge to intall or use
For the smoothest possible user interface has AJAX programming
The back end office administration area is safe and secure
Includes free updates for 12 months
Supports multiple languages
Supports multiple date formats
Supports alternative currency symbols
Supports an unlimited number of restaurants
Supports unlimited menus:
Supports unlimited categories per menus:
Supports unlimited menu items per category:
Easily edit, remove and rotate the position of the menu, menu category, and/or items within each menu:
Dynamic Coupon Integration:
Allows for basic Listings:
Allows for paid premium features:
(Website Link, Logo, Photos, etc.)
Allows for listing by City, State, Zip:
Allows for listing by Area Neighborhood Names:
Allows filtering by Cuisines and/or amenities:
Basic Search Engine:
Advanced Search Engine:
Built in SEO for each Listing:
Integrated Stats Reporting capabilities:
Integrated Contact Managerment system for Administrators:
Google map integration:
Google map door to door driving directions integration:
Allows for Banner Ad Advertising:
for each City and/or State and/or Zip and/or Cusine and/or Neighborhood
Adjustable Rates User Set:
for premium listings and banner ads
Billing Reminders:
for premium listings and banner ads
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