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PHP Restaurant Menu Script Classic: Overview

Very intuitive, easy to use menu script. This is the perfect solution for you or your client to have the ability to keep there menu up to date online. With our exclusive installation wizard you will be up and running in under 5 minutes.

Easily integrates this into any web site design. Full documentation included in download and online.

Full Support offered through our forum, don't take our word for it please read our rave reviews at hotscripts.

Admin area is now AJAX powered, if you do not know what that is, it's OK just check out the demo and see how smooth the back-end management of the menus script is. Light weight object orientated menu script. This installs in minutes and allows you to list an unlimited number of menus.

Easily integrates into any web site design. Just 3 lines of code embedded into your design and you are up and running.


  • Add unlimited Menus
  • Add unlimited Categories within each Menu
  • Add unlimited Items within each Category
  • Easily edit, remove and rotate the position of the menu, menu category, and/or items within each menu
  • Select Your Currency
  • NEW Select your language [Currently offered English, Spanish]
  • Add Images
  • Add Multi-Column Pricing
  • full documentation included in download. and detailed help section walks you through every step of this extremely easy to use script.
BUG: Removed refrences to onload from IMG tags so xhtml would validate
UPDATE: send.php has been updated, if user selects too add them self to receive special offers the email will be directed to the restuarant email address, which can be updated in the restaurant info link.
UPDATE: Updated path to print/save/email images to be controled by the instasllation path set up in config
UPDATE: Multi-Column pricing bug was worked out (Thanks Shawn Reid)
UPDATE: Special Characters bug was resolved in duplicate item feature (Thanks Shawn Reid)

NEW: Forgot password feature
ADDED: Re-Added Spanish Language File
ADDED: Portuguese Language File
UPDATE: Minor bug fix typos in English Language file.
UPDATE: Minor bug fix security escape all quotes for all versions of PHP - (thanks Don Sykes).
UPDATE: Minor bug fix security related (XSS sanitization).
UPDATE: Minor bug fix that affected Alternate language files (button names) - (thanks Josue Jacinto)
UPDATE: Minor bug fix that affected the import/export in IE7
UPDATE: Minor SQL update that affected the deletion of no longer used item keys and category keys in the database

UPDATE: Use JavaScript for transparent effect on print/save/email iamges to comply to CSS standards
UPDATE: Minor update to the way the image path works, allowing you to place the functions on any page with a PHP extension or that is set to parse PHP

NEW: Name designation changed to PRO, formally Classic.
NEW: Version Series 4.0
NEW: Image and Image management for Menus, Categories as well as items.
NEW: Image behavior for menus and categories. Images can be placed above, below or in place of the name.
NEW: Thumbnails and enlarged images for menu items.
NEW: Send to friend feature. Users can email a link to the website to a friend.
NEW: Print friendly version of the menu.
NEW: Save menu feature, converts menu to MS Word doc for download.
NEW: Restaurant Info, to be added to the Save/Print friendly versions of the menu.
NEW: Multi-Column pricing. Users have the ability to add as many or few price columns to individual categories.
ADDED: Non-intrusive system registration added.
UPDATED: Back to top link can be disabled or enabled and the text can be changed to something other than "Back to top"
UPDATED: CSS file renamed to pm_styles.css and is highly organized to make css updates easier for the end user.
UPDATED: Help area totally revamped
UPDATED: Installation script made even more intuative and easier to install.
FIXED: Numerous minor bugs and PHP notices were fixed.

ADDED: New Version Notification
ADDED: Language File Integration (SPANISH)

Rewritten entire script from ground-up
Added AJAX functionality
Added Additional Currency Symbols
Started an Official Change Log File
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